Our 3D Virtual Master… behind the matrix!

Our 3D Virtual Master… behind the matrix!

image: Grand Master Master 8th Dan, performs flying side kick.

The core belief of ProTrain apps is to deliver Professional instructors’ content inside immersive and interactive 3D environments to put you in control of your training.

But creating a brand new training app for Taekwondo students would have been impossible without working with a real expert… and we were delighted to have Grand Master Tony Vohra 8th Dan as our Taekwondo Pro for the Sa Jang app.

Grand Master Vohra, what have you been up to this year so far?
I like to combine my own local and national coaching and examining with national and international refereeing… so far in 2013 I have refereed at:
Athens Junior Clubs Championships – referee for Kyorugi (fighting)
and at the US, German, Dutch and Belgian Opens (Poomsae & Kyorugi – forms & fighting refereeing)
I’ve also launched a new Taekwondo club in Scotland, returning later for a black belt grading;
increased my links with clubs in Manchester all whilst coaching, running seminars and gradings from my Nottingham HQ.



Image: Grand Master Tony Vohra with Isle of Man Taekwondo star Aaron Cook and Kamil Sobal from Poland at the Belgian Open 2013. Tony is the Technical Consultant to the Isle of Man Taekwondo Federation also.

We visited your Nottingham academy in October 2012 to do the motion capture shoot. What did you make of the day?
For me, it was a fantastic opportunity to see my technique in 3D. With continual practice and analysis you can see your own technique and learnings, and for the student, this 3D aid could be used by many people to improve their own Taekwondo poomsae. The motion captured 3D conveys the flow of energy, timing, motion from any angle in a way that the student is in control of.


Open Belgium Poomsae 2013 — with Mike Fox, Nina Bansal and Satwinder Singh Vohra at Topsporthal Gent.
What’s your favourite technique in Sa Jang?
Easy! Palm block and spearhand thrust – because it’s the first simultaneous block and attack in the poomsae. The block is natural, economical and the thrust to the solar plexus is a very effective technique, applicable to self defence. That and the high knife hand block and neck strike define Sa Jang, in terms of individual techniques.

Read Master Vohra’s article on Sa Jang here: http://www.martialartsvohra.com/html/poomsae_-_sa_jang.html

If you’d like to contact Master Vohra, visit http://www.vohra-black-belt-school.com