Meet our 3D wizards, the Masters Of Pie… behind the matrix!

We’re delighted to have worked with such a talented and hard working team as Masters of Pie, who brought the 3D development and iPad app build for ProTrain Taekwondo. As part of our series looking at the people behind our incredible app, we talk to Matt & Karl from the London based, Pie loving team.

Masters of Pie

Matt and Karl from Masters Of Pie

What interested you about the project?
We were interested in using the relatively new Xsens tech and how to implement this data on tablets. As mobile is becoming the lead platform in digital consumption we were really interested in how this 3D data could work on a handheld device.

What were your key challenges?
The key challenges were getting the xsens data to be accurate enough. Also, as we were using a 3D engine we had to be clever in how we handled the complicated UI.

Are you all better at side kicks now?
I know my side kicks from my high knife hand blocks now.

What are you up to next?
We are currently working on another kids 3D App and looking for more interesting projects to take on.

What is the exciting and game changing feature or part of the app?
The fidelity of the motion in the 3D is better than anything we have currently seen on mobile and this is just the beginning.

What’s your favourite technique?
Would have to be the flying Side Kick. Can’t get much more epic than that.

Masters Of Pie: fave move is flying side kick, oh yes

Masters Of Pie: fave move is flying side kick, oh yes

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