About the App

The ideal way to learn martial arts? To have a Grandmaster as your personal trainer. The next best thing? This app.

Grandmaster Tony Vohra is one of the highest ranking Kukkiwon examiners in Europe and is an International WTF Referee for Poomsae.

We have used motion capture to film him performing poomsae and turned this into a virtual character in a 3D environment. This gives the ideal combination of reality and animation: A character whose body moves in a realistic and precise way but who you have total control over – you can change the speed at which he moves and choose a camera angle to suit you.

There are two elements to learning forms. First students need to learn how to perform each technique accurately. Secondly this is put together in the correct sequence. So in the technique mode we give a detailed breakdown of each move using audio and graphics. We also have an audio guide to walk you through the form showing the correct sequence and speed that you need to perform the moves to get top marks at grading.

These video clips of each mode show our innovative approach to learning TKD.

Sa Jang Form


Technique breakdown

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