Introducing a revolutionary way of mastering Taekwondo:
learn from a grandmaster in your own home.

The only interactive 3D app specifically designed to teach the World Taekwondo Federation syllabus.

Working with one of the highest-ranking examiners in Europe, Grandmaster Tony Vohra, we have created a virtual Taekwondo character that can teach you the World Taekwondo Federation syllabus.

Our unique approach to teaching includes:


Watch the character complete the Sa Jang form from any angle and at different speeds to see how to get top marks in your examination.


The audio guide takes you through the form step by step, showing you how to perform each technique correctly and in sequence.


Each technique is explained in full, using audio commentary and 3D graphics, so you can learn correct body positioning and weight distribution.

Bonus masterclass

A technique breakdown of two of the most difficult moves in the WTF syllabus; double side kick and flying side kick.